Green Business Practices

At Intense Lighting, we are committed to preserving our environment and maintaining environmentally sound business practices. From sustainable design and manufacturing to energy conservation and reduction of office waste, we are committed to continually making eco-friendly decisions to minimize overall environmental impact. While architects and specifiers strive for energy efficiency and LEED certification, we value sustainability as an important factor to our customer base. 

We continue to seek the most energy efficient LED technologies available to integrate into our products and continually collaborate with dimming and controls manufacturers to ensure compatibility with Intense products

Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design

Established in 2008 to administer certifications and professional designations within the frameworks of the U.S. Green Building Council® LEED Green Building Rating System™, GBCI continues to develop new programs and offers the marketplace validation that building certifications and professional designation have met specific, rigorous criteria. 

USGBC does not certify products or report data related to products and their environmental qualities. LEED does not award credits based on the use of particular products but rather upon meeting the performance standards set forth in our rating systems. Utilizing Intense Lighting products on a project can contribute to the points earned to achieve the LEED rating.

?Lighting relates directly to 23 points in the Green Building Design & Construction rating system. the basic lighting-related elements in Green Building Design & Constructions are described here

  • SC Credit 8: Light Pollution Reductions .....................1 Point
  • EQ Credit 6.1: Controllability of Systems Lighting ......1 Point
  • EQ Credit 8.1 & 8.2: Daylight and Views Daylight ......1 Point
  • EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance ......Required
  • EA Credit 1: Optimized Energy Performance ..............1-19 Points

USGBC®, U.S. Green Building Council® are registered trademarks of the Green Building Council. 

LED End of Life Policy Statement

Intense LED light engines can be field replaced at the end of its life. Depending on the luminaire, the heat sink and/or driver may not need to be removed. It is recommended that the power supply and LED components be sent back to the factory for proper recycling. Typically, the luminaire housing is constructed of common aluminum and steel that may be recycled at a typical recycling location. 

Customers should clearly label all boxes with “Intense Lighting Recycle LED”.

Ship to address is as follows:
Intense Lighting c/o Recycle LED
3340 East La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806

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